Slide Products Kinta's capiz products are made on the Philippine Island Cebu, in the workshop of Judith Lorna. Together with Lorna, we develop every year a capiz Christmas collection. We combine new techniques and ideas, with the result: a beautiful, matching collection. Lorna works with a good team of employees, where creativity and craftsmanship are central. The handmade capiz products are all carefully made by hand.

Slide Craftsmanship Capiz is a wonderful material to work with. In Spanish colonial times, they were mainly used for windows in houses because of their translucent nature. This makes it an ideal basic material for Kinta’s Capiz: an artistic collection of handmade lamps, mood lighting and other home accessories. Traditional techniques combined with new ideas provide a collection of surprising capiz products. Made by hand in different ways. Sewing Soldering Fold For the production of lamps, the pieces capiz are joined together with nylon thread. First, they make small holes in the raw capiz pieces. Then the pieces are sewn together with nylon thread.

A part of Kinta's capiz decoration and candleholders is made by soldering. The capiz pieces are connected by soldering, with the frame painted black or gold. When the shells are soaked, they are flexible enough to fold. A mould is used as a basis. As soon as the mould is covered with capiz, the product needs to dry. After that starts the painting and decorating of the products.

Slide How to use We recommend washing the capiz if necessary – in the case of laminated capiz only for a short time – in lukewarm soapy water. Do not put into a dishwasher or microwave. Avoid scratches on the surface by sharp objects.

For capiz candle holders the safety advice for the burning of candles applies:

Keep a burning candle always in sight.
Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire.
Be sure that the candle holder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface. This prevents damage to the surface and prevents a glass container from bursting or breaking.
Don’t burn a candle all the way down. Extinguish the flame before it comes too close to the holder.


Ruwe capiz Capiz is a flat, oyster-like shell found in large quantities in the waters around the Philippine Islands. The shell is quite round and flat. For making the raw capiz products, the washed shells are cut into the desired shape and connected to each other by means of nylon wire or soldering. LAMINATED CAPIZ RAW CAPIZ Raw capiz gelamineerde capiz RAW CAPIZ LAMINATED CAPIZ When making laminated capiz products, the shells are first soaked, then 'folded' around the mold, dried and for reinforcement they are brushed with a nontoxic resin. . Once dry, they are painted and decorated. For example, the Christmas balls are provided with gold-coloured dots. Laminated capiz

Slide kerstversiering raw capiz Capiz collection Kinta's capiz collection consists of various home accessories, such as lamps, decoration and tea light holders. Raw capiz products have a natural, soft appearance with a translucent character. The laminated capiz products, such as the Easter decoration and Christmas decoration, are made in the most beautiful colors. Refined seasonal decoration, with bead and colored ribbon.