Rutunda pumpkin sea blue and berry Stoneware

Slide Producer Kinta’s ceramics collection is made in an old pottery that has been owned by one family for eight generations. It is situated in Bat Trang, a village in the north of the country that has a thousand-year-old tradition of making pottery. The company thinks a pleasant working environment for its forty employees is essential. They work according to fair trade principles, based on the idea that good work conditions stimulate the employees and enable them to make full use of their talents. The result: strikingly beautiful handmade products.

Slide Craftmanship Kinta's products are a typical combination of design and handicraft, we call it: designed handicraft. For Kinta, everything is made by hand, based on Kinta's design. Nothing is assembly line work. The ceramics are the result of a centuries-long tradition of pottery making by experienced craftsmen in a family business in Vietnam. Our ceramic products go through many production steps and go through many hands before they are ready to be packed. Material 2 times in the kiln Baking resultat Kinta's ceramics are made from 100% local raw materials. The clay is mined in the north of Vietnam. All our food-safe glazes are also obtained from local raw materials. The ceramic is fired twice. After the first firing, the clay is called bisque. The bisque is dipped in glaze and then baked at a high temperature (1250℃). It takes a day for the ceramic to cool enough so that you can hold it in your hand. It's always exciting to see the result, because it's like baking a cake - the result, in this case the colors can be different. As a result, no two products are identical.

Slide Stoneware collection Kinta's stoneware collection is designed by Kinta with an appreciation for timeless beauty. The CYL collection with simple cylinder shapes and soft colours is modern and refined. The Rutunda collection has round, soft shapes and is made of sand clay. This ensures a pure and natural look. Both collections are made for daily use, to be enjoyed every day.


Slide How to use Kinta's ceramic is fired at a high temperature (> 1250°C), making it very suitable for everyday use, it is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.