Recycled materialen

Slide Producer At Kinta we love recycled materials. We use recycled material for pulp lamps, waterproof vases, flower pots and decoration. Kinta's pulp products are made on the Philippine Island of Cebu, in the workshop of Judith Lorna. Creativity and craftsmanship are central by making our pulp products. By experimenting with materials, new sustainable home accessories are created.

Slide Craftsmanship We make smart, sustainable home accessories from recycled materials. The basis for Kinta's pulp lamps, vases and flower pots are used plastic bottles. For our decoration, a cardboard or plastic mold is used as a basis. The pulp is applied over this base. We
work with different types of pulp. These types have been created by experimenting
and making optimal use of the possibilities of the land and the producer. With all
types of pulp, the drying process is very important and the presence of the sun helps
to speed up (or slow down) production.
Paper pulp Wood pulp Capiz pulp Paper pulp is made from old newspapers. The paper pulp is especially used for making vases and flower pots in different shapes, sizes and colors. The paper pulp products have a modern look, due to the matte finish. Leftover wood chips, from the wood production, are used for a new material: wood pulp. The wood pulp has a natural appearance, the pieces of wood are still visible. Ideal for making vases, flower pots and decoration. Capiz pulp is made from the residual material from the capiz production. The leftover capiz pieces are recycled into capiz pulp products. Capiz pulp can be painted in all kinds of colors.

Slide vaas gemarmerd capiz pulp Vases & flower pots Kinta's collection of smart, sustainable vases and flower pots are made with respect for people and nature. When developing the collection, we look at which materials are locally available. The shape is also determined by the available plastic bottles, which form the basis for the waterproof vases and flower pots. By experimenting with capiz pulp, the collection of marbled vases and flower pots is created. Layers of pulp in white and colour form a beautiful pattern, where no product is the same.


Slide How to use Kinta's collection of vases and flower pots is made for indoor use. The recycled plastic bottle on the inside ensures that the vases and flower pots are waterproof. If the top or outside has become slightly wet, it will dry and the product will keep its shape. The vases and flower pots are not suitable for outdoor use.