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Where can I find your Address details, Press, Bank details and registration link for the Newsletter?
You will find all this under ‘Contact’. You do not need to log in first.

How do I report a change of address or order change?

It is best not to change changes (only) in your online account, but it is better to notify your seller at Kinta by email at

About the website

How do I sign up for the website?

If you are retailer please register. After submitting your business details, in the registration form, you will receive an email that your registration is being processed. And after verification you will receive an email that your account has been activated. Please check your spam box if you did not receive an email.

I can’t log in, what can I do?

You can try a few things, such as: clicking login one or two more times (sometimes the system recognizes your login the second or third time), if that doesn’t work, you can click on the login page on “Lost your password” and follow the procedure to request a new password, and if that fails, and you are not yet a customer, please register by clicking the registration link on the login page (directly below the login button).

I always buy through FairPlaza. Can I still get an online account?

An online account is initially valid for one month. After you have placed an online order once, the account will be final. This also makes it possible to order online and to pick up that order at FairPlaza. At the end of the ordering process, choose the option for pick up. Always state the date on which it must be ready. You do not pay shipping costs.

I’m looking for a product and can’t find it on the website. What can I do?

Click magnifying glass at the top right of the screen, and type in the item number (or a part of the description). If this does not yield the desired result, the product is sold out. If the item is present, it will appear and you can order it immediately.

Where can I find information about the origin, maintenance of products, backgrounds of the producers?

You will find this under the “about us” button at the top of the site. See it mainly as an opportunity to delve into the products. This can extend the lifespan considerably and your customers often find it interesting. It is public information, no login is required.

Can my customers see your prices?

We don’t want consumers to be able to see your purchase prices. Our prices are only visible after logging in. Even if you send a link to your customer where you see the price yourself, your customer will see everything you see, except the price.

As a new customer, how can I know what is selling well?

It is usually successful to select a number of collections (via the collections button at the top) and order a number of products from each collection that you like. The interplay between the colors within a collection is a feast for the eyes, and therefore arouses the desire to buy in your customers. And everything can be nicely combined with neutral colors, such as wooden products. Kinta plays with colors and shapes to suit the season. There is always enough left over to vary and combine. Just take a moment to familiarize yourself with the offer on the site, and then make a choice.

How long can I leave something in the shopping cart?

Necessary cookies are placed on your computer to use the Kinta catalog with shopping cart. These are to remember what you put in the shopping cart. Kinta will not see your shopping cart until you have shipped the order. As long as you do not send the order, the products will remain in the basket. It is possible that the item is no longer available after some time.

About the catalogue

Are all items online in the catalog?
Yes, all products (about 1000 products) are in the online catalog. This is updated regularly. It is also possible to view what we expect to receive from our new collections.

Can I receive a catalog on paper or as a PDF?
For prices and availability, please refer to our online catalog. This is regularly updated. The advantage of the online catalog is that you can browse organized and that the current availability is indicated.

Kinta therefore has no other catalog. Not on paper and not as pdf.

How do I know how much stock you have of an item from the catalog?
Answer: That is not visible online. If you order the desired quantity, you will receive feedback from Kinta whether there is enough in stock. If you want to make a quote for your customer, you can contact us by phone for stock information of one or more products.

How can I see the new collections?
You can access the new collections in various ways on our website. For example via Catalog – New, and you can also see this under Collections.

What is the difference between a WEB order and a PRE order?

We call a WEB order that which is available from stock. A PRE order contains products that have yet to arrive. This will all become clear during the ordering process. At the end you determine with a selection button (Choose shipping) whether you want to wait until everything is complete, or whether you want to receive the WEB order with stock products in advance and the PRE order as soon as that part is complete. We do invoice transport costs per shipment.

Before ordering

What are Kinta’s terms of delivery?

The list prices are wholesale prices per piece and exclusive of VAT. Delivery is per packaging unit (VPE).

The minimum amount for the first order is €300 (excl. taxes, shipping costs and possible shortages).

Shipping costs are carried by the customer. Exception within the Netherlands: Free delivery for orders with a value above €350,- ex. VAT and exclusive of transport costs and possible shortcomings.

On the day of shipment you will receive the final invoice and track & trace information by email.

See here for general ordering information (prices, first order, shipping costs and shipping).

How much discount can I get?
Orders on one invoice, with a goods value above €750 (this excludes transport costs, VAT, any shortfalls) are eligible for a discount of 2%.

Does Kinta also deliver to customers outside Europe?
Yes, outside Europe based on incoterm DAP (the shipping costs are for the account of the customer) or EXW. The shipping costs are calculated after the order has been prepared for shipment.

What is the lead time and procedure for an order from a new customer?
The steps are as follows: 1) order placement. 2) The order is prepared at Kinta. 3) Kinta sends the order confirmation including transport costs with the friendly request to make the payment by bank transfer. 3a) You will check the order and the addresses. You may indicate which days you cannot receive orders (Sunday, Monday?). If everything is in order, you pay for the order. 4) Shipment order after receipt of payment. 5) You will receive the final invoice and track & trace information by e-mail.

The lead time of a first order can be longer than a week. A follow-up order will usually be delivered to you within a week.

What does it cost to have an order shipped?

Within the Netherlands: €7.50 per package of 60x40x40m (max 25kg).

Belgium and Germany € 12.50 per package. France €22.50. Other countries only on request.

Pallets (within and outside the Netherlands): only on request.

Pick up yourself: this is possible by appointment. Choose the shipping options at the end of your order: For pick up please mention the date.

What is the Kinta pick-up address for my carrier (with incoterm ExWorks)?
The pick-up address is the same as the office address: Kinta cv, Beesdseweg 5, 4104 AW Culemborg, The Netherlands. Please make an appointment in advance.

As a customer, can I be assured that no other retailers sell the Kinta brand in my area?
It’s in no one’s interest to sell the same brand too close to each other, so Kinta will try to manage this as carefully as possible. This works well in practice. We cannot offer any guarantees for this.

Can I reserve products?

In consultation, in terms of quantity and period, you can reserve an order without a final purchase. (For a period of three business days to one week.)

After ordering

Can I receive the invoice by email?

The invoice will be sent as a PDF by e-mail on the day of dispatch of the order, the invoice is also included on paper with the order. If you would like to receive an Excel list of the products you have ordered, you can ask for it.

When do I have to pay?
Your order confirmation and invoice state the terms of payment, Kinta bank details and the Incoterm. Our bank details are online on the contact page.

Can I get Kinta photos to use in my webshop?
All content on the Kinta website is copyrighted. From the moment you become a Kinta customer, you can use the product photos of products that you have in stock for your own webshop. There are certain conditions, ask your seller about it.

After delivery

Can I change if I don’t like it?
No, change after purchase is not common with B2B.

How can I file a complaint?

Answer: It is our aim to deliver the order neatly. Sometimes something can go wrong with the delivery. In the event of complaints and/or transport damage, you must send the completed complaint form to Kinta within 5 working days of the invoice date. The form can be found at the bottom of the website. We will then contact you as soon as possible about the settlement.

Visible damage on delivery:

Ask the delivery person to note that there is visible damage to the outside of the shipment and take a photo of the damage and an overview photo of the delivery (box or pallet).


Where can I find your advice retail prices?
Kinta does not provide binding advice retail prices. A rule of thumb is this: Multiply your price ex VAT by 2.4 to get the sales price including VAT.

Where can the consumer buy Kinta?
On our website there is a link to Points of Sale in the footnote, in which the customer can find a store in his or her neighborhood. As a service, we also offer a low-profile webshop, where consumers can order if there is no other option. The collection is limited and the prices are on the higher side.