After cold and dark winter days, it is time to celebrate spring. A fresh start with soft colours that are inspired by water and air. New spring items, designed with an appreciation of purity.


See the clarity of the air in our new Amnis blue glass colour. Mix it with our new mint and clear tumblers to ensure a water pallet on your table. In times where unpolluted air is increasingly scarce, we favour a fresh look with an appreciation for air. Pure materials like glass, wood and clay are central in our collection. Our sustainable wood pulp vases are made from recycled and reused materials, with respect for our planet. Shop here our Clarity Air collection.


Our light wood bowls, candleholders and cutlery are a lovely addition to our Clarity glass and stoneware collections. This spring, a natural look is guaranteed with our Gmelina and blond wood items.


We introduce our new glass colour that reminded us of clean and fresh water: mint. The Amnis tumblers and carafe have a wavy pattern inspired by the rippled pattern in water and sand shaped by the wind. Our Clarity collection consists of soft coloured items, like our new mint Rutunda cups and teapot, Gmelina wood items and light coloured vases and flowerpots. This season, it is time for a clean look with products designed to last.Discover here our Claity Water collection.


Light up your spring with our new Rutunda cups in mint and rosy. Perfect for adding some pastel colours to your tea moments. Complete it with our new Rutunda teapot in mint or mix it with our Rutunda items in a transparent glaze for a pure and natural look. The dotted clay accentuates the purity of the raw material.


Create clarity with our pastel coloured Easter decoration. Refined eggs with fresh white dots that are carefully painted by hand. The collage eggs with water colours have a Scandinavian look due to the light wood that is still noticeable.

Cheerful decoration for a happy Easter in bright colours. A timeless variation of green, yellow, red and blue eggs plus rabbits made from capiz. Wooden eggs with handpainted colleague print will brighten up everybody’s Easter. See here our Easter decoration.


Our new folded vases and flowerpots are based on the no-waste principles. A used plastic bottle and capiz leftovers come together in a new design—light and bright coloured, with characteristic folds. Beautiful for small plants and flowers.


Combine our interior accessories and see a colourful celebration of design with happy, bright colours and various coloured and natural wood. The process of wood is still visible in our natural products, unique pieces due to the veins. The elegant gradient is visible in our new bowl on a pedestal and our mushroom cutting boards. Shop here our Process Mixed collection.


Our newly designed candleholders are soft and friendly curved, like a rainbow. A varied combination of colours so you can choose your favourite or have the freedom to mix it up.






Earthy colours to create a warm look. A combination of pumpkin, rosy, sienna and berry interior accessories will cheer things up—all handcrafted with attention and respect to the materials. Enjoy the new rosy Rutunda cups in combination with other colours and our new Rutunda bowls. Click here for more products from our Process Earthy collection.