We at Kinta’s love the recycling of materials. Discarded automobile inner tubes are used as a basis for flowerpots and baskets or the material is combined with textile (See Textile products). Used tarpaulins billboards are the main ingredient for a special Kinta production line which consists of garlands, bags and wallets. Old plastic bottles and newspapers are used as a basis for lamps, watertight vases and flowerpots made from paper pulp.

We also use reclaimed wood, selected for its reddish colours. For more product information, see Wooden products.


Kinta has a collection of smart, sustainable accessories, made from recycled materials. New products are created by the unique cooperation of Kinta (concept) our Filipino designer (design) and the producer. The capabilities of the country and the producer are taken into full account.


Kinta’s recycled products are carefully produced and above all honest. That’s why we work together with local producers with their expertise in materials and techniques. The rubber and tarpaulin products are made in the workshop of Hanna Blanco in Manila. There is a relaxed atmosphere and the owner strives for good working conditions and a fair income for the ten textile workers. The paper pulp production takes place in Cebu in a small workshop. The production creates employment for the islanders of Visayas, who are all paid fairly for their work.