Slide arch candleholder sand design Spring 2022 It is time to bring light and cheerful colours into homes. Celebrate spring with our green and sunny tones or add a touch of thistle, mint or sand in the interior. This season we introduced several new designed items, all matching our previous Kinta designs. In a time where home is more important, we introduce items for the home office and a bathroom set in woodrazzo.

greening spring table accessories Inspired by the fresh colours of nature, we composed our collection Greening. In this collection we showing our respect for nature by mixing designs with a natural look and feel; beige flowerpots and vases, stoneware made of dotted clay, woodrazzo bathroom items, light wood and lead-free crystal glass designs in green. MINERAL Greening GREENING JOY SPIRIT joy vases orange and blue Make fun with our Joy collection with bright coloured products. Easter decorations in wood and capiz and our flowerpots and vases in orange and blue paper pulp. Combined with our uncomplicated designs in Acacia wood and the Amnis glasscollection in blue. Everything to serve a nice lunch or enjoy a drink outside on a beautiful day. GREENING JOY SPIRIT Joy MINERAL spirit Spirit Kinta spring collection 2022 A combination of soft tones, grey and sand, with spiritual purple tones in combination with rosy and red dye. Here our new colour thistle plays the lead role. Calm wavy shapes and structures are visible in our new designed wine glasses and flower pots with corrugated lines. Create a subdued, soft atmosphere with our Easter decoration in airy soft pastels. GREENING JOY SPIRIT MINERAL mineral A story of calm and modern colours inspired by mineral tones. A quiet and subtle atmosphere with (off) white and black (dye) in combination with mint and smoked grey. Modern and minimalistic designs alternating with marbled cups and natural sand clay including the Rutunda bowls with mint glaze. MINERAL breakfast bowls mint glaze Mineral GREENING JOY SPIRIT

Slide glass collection smoked grey Amnis collection We introduce a wine glass designed with the signature Amnis glass wavy pattern, perfect for every set table. Available in the colours; clear, green, smoked grey and rosy. The high solid glass stem is handmade. Together with the tumblers and carafe a beautiful set to serve drinks. The Amnis collection is mouth-blown and handmade by glassmasters in Thailand. CATALOGUE AMNIS COLLECTION

Slide bathroom items wood Bathroom Made from a new developed material, we introduce the woodrazzo soapdispenser and tray. Woodrazzo is a combination of powdered limestone with wood chips, left over from the production of wooden items. These bathroom products are water resistant. Each piece is unique. CATALOGUE NEW COLLECTION