Internship Digital Marketing

Kinta is a designer of table and home accessories.

Our main objective is: ‘to put beautiful and special products in the market. Design is very important for us. But not at any price! It must attractive to use and how it looks. We work only with local suppliers whom we pay fairly for their work and with whom we also make agreements about good working conditions.’

We distribute throughout Europe, B2B and introduced a B2C site.

Kinta needs to enforce its brand awareness, throughout Europe.

We are looking for a Digital marketing  trainee/intern to help prepare and starting a Kinta brand awareness program.


Responsibilities and Duties


Primary focus:

Social Media Management

  • Manage the performance of key social media channels and report on their progress
  • Identify new online tools and platforms to grow our online community/awareness


  • Analyzing and measuring output of existing content strategies
  • Generate content to help grow our brand awareness and boost engagement
  • Support Marketing and Sales in executing campaigns & promotions


Secondary focus

Web/ Social Analytics

  • Track and monitor the success of online initiatives (campaigns and website traffic)
  • Evaluate key sources of data to help better target potential customers

More info on Kinta.

Kinta is a lifestyle brand that focuses on products for the set table for daily use. Kinta was born from the desire to make beautiful products (or have them made) according to their own design and to make use of the specific skills of the producers, based in Philippines and Vietnam and the available natural resources in those production countries.

It is of the utmost importance for Kinta that its products are made under socially acceptable conditions. We want to give opportunities where the opportunities are needed.

The environmental impact of our products must be as low as possible, without this being at the expense of the high quality that we strive for in supplying our products and services.

There is no intermediate step between Kinta and the producer, the cooperation is intensive. Kinta distributes from producer directly to retailers in Western Europe, these customers are won by participating in trade fairs in Germany and France and via the direct B2B site

Kinta also supplies our B2C channel directly to consumers via

Kinta informs directly with its target groups via Instagram (mykinta) and Facebook (limited).

Kinta is located in the Netherlands.

Do you want to join us? Please contact us for more information.

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